Build your bicycle business with us - Venn Cycling

Build your bicycle business with us

We are an OEM carbon wheels, carbon rims and bicycle components manufacturer



All OEM carbon wheels, carbon rims and other Venn products are available without logos, or with your own logos.

We can assemble in Taiwan, China, or in Europe and deliver your OEM carbon wheels, carbon rims or bike components where you are best able to utilise them and at the lowest possible cost. We are also able to integrate with existing supply chain. Or we can do all this for you and consolidate your products in one location prior to shipping in bulk to the final destination.


We have a customs controlled warehouse and exemption from the EU Customs Union anti-dumping regulations. Importing already assembled Chinese or Taiwanese origin carbon wheels into the EU is a potentially very attractive and lower cost alternative to EU built wheels. Our quality is very high and consistent.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help start, grow and simplify your bicycle business.